Purpose & Mission

What is the crisis?

Every 20 seconds a child dies of water related diseases. Twelve million people die each year unnecessarily. Water problems are the primary reason people are unable to rise out of poverty.

Our Mission Statement:

“Bringing clean water to those without.”

Who we are:

Formed by a group of friends from southern California, our organization is committed to providing access to clean water for those without. Our endeavor is to equip people locally to love globally. We are simply people that use our interests to benefit others. Through yard sales, sporting events, benefit concerts, bake sales, recycling programs, school clubs, and game nights, we have shared in the desire to show God’s love by helping those most in need. Volunteer today!

Where do we help?

In Northern Uganda there are many challenges. After having the opportunity to work with them during their long running war we were overwhelmed by their many needs. This brought us to ask how we could give them long term sustainable help. Overwhelmingly they expressed that to come alongside them in their quest for clean water was their greatest desire.

Why team with us?

We recognize that any resources entrusted to us are to directly benefit those in need. Thanks to dedicated administrative donors who believe in what we do, we are able to give 100% of donations directly to the drilling of new wells. By offering education, training, and local accountability with newly installed wells, we are providing a long-term solution rather than short-term relief. 

How can you help?

Become one of the many individuals, groups or businesses that have partnered with us in this great cause. Whether donating directly, or forming a team to raise funds, your group will have the excitement of knowing exactly what village you are helping and how many families will benefit from your efforts. This gives donors the enjoyment of a more personalized approach in their charitable giving.

We cannot offer a grand solution to everything, but we can offer a simple solution to a grand problem. Join us today by making a decision to do something small that makes a big change.

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